Divine Discovery Institute

The Countless Miracles Project: Counting the uncountable



And if you were to count the favors of God, never would you be able to count them. Indeed, God is truly forgiving, merciful.

Quran Verse 16:18


In the Qur’anic verse above, we are told that we cannot count the blessings of God… They are too many for us to discern and perhaps even infinite. Mathematicians divide infinite sets into those that are countable and those that are not.


Countless Miracles is a project at the Divine Discovery Institute to count the uncountable, to enumerate all the blessings we can find. By blessings, we mean features of reality that are beneficial for humans. This includes everything from the healing powers of honey to white blood cells, from the ozone layer to the cosmological constant. We are particularly interested to document blessings that make it easy to see the role of God as the Designer of creation.


Because the blessings of God are so vast, this project is only limited by the extent of diverse contributions. Therefore, we invite scholars and students of all fields of study to share blessings they have found in the creation. Also, we need creatives such as artists and film makers to help us bring these discoveries alive. To submit a blessing or contribute in another way, contact us at info@divinediscovery.institute. Please include references and helpful images with descriptions of blessings.

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