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Travel through the earth and observe how He originated creation. Then God produces the latter creation. Indeed, God is for all things the Designer.

Quran Verse 29:20

In this verse of the Qur’an, scientific exploration was ordained as a religious duty over 1400 years ago. In the coming centuries Muslims would be inspired to gather the world’s scientific knowledge and take it to new heights. With this spirit brought not only academic accomplishment but also prosperity and power. For hundreds of years Islamic civilization flourished. But perhaps through the excess that followed success or through calamities like the Mongol invasion and Spanish inquisition, or maybe a combination of factors, Islamic learning eventually declined and its civilization with it.   Through the European renaissance, the baton of discovery was passed on to the Christendom. Europe took science to even greater heights while still keeping faith deeply tied to science. However, through the enlightenment and scientific discoveries like evolution, science has progressively drifted from Christian theology . Over the last 200 year, science has progressed at an exponential rate while the gap between faith and science appears to grow ever wider.

Today, scientific research is usually divorced from any spiritual motivation or interpretation. To be fair, it is critical for science to maintain objectivity and rigor, and therefore it must keep any biases, religious or otherwise, separate from the facts and not allow them to interfere with the scientific method. However, this does not mean that faith cannot play a role in motivating that exploration and interpreting the results to discover meaning and purpose. Faith did so for millenia, and it was in fact the impetus for many key scientific advancements.  Today, with this role greatly diminished, we are left with a science that is superficial and lost in the details of reductionism and materialism. It leads many of those who witness its progress empty, disillusioned, and devoid of faith in a higher power.

But this is actually more because of a culture of secularism within the scientific community rather than an inherent conflict between science and faith. We believe that, in fact, science and faith are mutually supportive. Therefore, the Divine Discovery Institute seeks to re-establish the critical role of faith to inspire, interpret and beautify scientific research.

There are some areas of science that have profound philosophical implications such as cosmology and neuroscience. Such fields provide factual evidence that is directly relevant to the biggest questions we ask, like “where did everything come from?”, and “what makes us who we are?”.

With this in mind, the Divine Discovery Institute has identified several key fields as focus areas for it’s research:



Evolutionary biology




Quantum mechanics



History of science

Philosophy of science

Researchers at the Divine Discovery Institute investigate the philosophical and religious implications of scientific theory in these fields and explore connections between scientific discoveries and religious belief and practice.

If you have expertise in any of these areas and would like to participate in our research, please contact us at info@divinediscovery.institute

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